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Precision Marksmanship: Feb. 24 & 25, 2018

$450.00 / On Sale

Precision Marksmanship-Long Distance Fundamentals (SAVE $250 when you register before Jan 15th)

The FSW Precision Marksman is the perfect course for clients who are looking for more in-depth training on long distance accuracy with a rifle. Taught by former Navy SEAL Snipers, this is an essential course for any serious rifle owner.

Held in the beautiful Ocala Forest at our Deep Woods USA facility, this is sure to be an amazing and also challenging experience. Clients will have the ability to shoot steel targets at multiple distances up to 850 yards away. This is one of the only locations in FL that provides this kind of distance! So, if you spent thousands of dollars on a high powered rifle and have not had the opportunity to truly shoot it at its potential, then you don't want to miss this course of instruction!

This course will cover:

-The 7 shooting points of performance for maximum accuracy

-Bullet path vs. line of sight

-Utilizing iron sights

-Proper mounting of optics

-How to custom fit your rifle for you to reduce parallax in your scope and stress on your neck and eyes

-The natural effects of the environment and how to adjust for the conditions for more predictable accuracy

-Utilizing holds for faster engagements on targets at long distances

…And much more!

After attending this course you will feel confident in your skills and have a detailed understanding of your capabilities with your rifle. Practicing what you learn, the Precision Marksman course will lead you on the path of pinpoint accuracy with your firearm at the range or on the hunt!

This course will be closed at 8 clients to maximize the training experience. This will greatly increase the amount of time we get to spend training!

Feb. 24 & 25, 2018

(***address will be given to registered attendees only)

Deep Woods USA Grand Opening Sale!- $450.00 ($250!!! Savings)
Jan 15th, 2018 price returns to normal cost- $700.00
*Price includes range fees and target materials

Gear List:
-300 rounds
-Magazines (unless bolt gun)
-Ear protection

-Hat with visor
-Long sleeves and pants
-Ground pad
-Spotting scope
-Dope book or notebook and pencil
-Multi tool or tools for your optics
-Instructional guide for your optics
-Rifles specs including estimated minuet of angle capability
-Food and water
-Proper clothing for the season

Course Includes:
-Certificate of completion
-Full Spectrum Warrior vinyl moral patch
-Full Spectrum Warrior embroidered ball cap

To help you with logding I have 3 options for you to look into all in the neighboring town of DeLand.

If you want to be on the Saint Johns River, and have a scenic FL experience this is the place. This is also a little bit more pricey though. Hontoon Lodge

If you want to be close to down and just want the most cost effective option I would reccomend this: Comfort Inn

Lastly, somewhere in between the two: Hampton Inn

*This course is non-refundable
**All attendees must be able to legally own and operate a firearm as per FL and Federal laws
***If students can not safely keep up with the course tempo, the instructor staff may have students continue drills with gun clear and safe or sit out during the exercise for the safety of the group.
****Training will be conducted/licensed/insured through 5326 Solutions, LLC a tactical training and consulting company registered in the state of FL