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K9 Combative Scenario Training: Feb. 10 & 11, 2018

$400.00 / On Sale

K9 Combative Scenario Training- is designed to take you to the next level in protection work.

Many times in K9 training we have so much focus on whether the dog will bite/or how the dog is biting that we shy away from what should the handler be doing (other then standing there watching the dog maul the bad guy) during a serious self-defense confrontation. Join us this weekend as we start to bridge the gap from sport bite work/new dog work to actual scenario based training for self-defense with a dog integrated as a force multiplier.

Our instructors Rich Graham (Navy SEAL Veteran/Multi-Purpose Canine Instructor) and Joel Ryals (Army Veteran/Multi-Purpose Canine Instructor) will deliver a stair step approach to build the students and their dogs up to better handle real life self-defense situations.

This course of instruction will cover:
-How to use your dog to deter multiple attackers using our crowd control techniques
-How to deploy the dog at a distance away from the handler
-How to escape and evade the threat using the dog as your protector and to buy you time to get to safety
-How to recall the dog from a distance
-How to recall the dog from a distance and track you back to your safe hiding spot
-Deploying your dog in and around gun fire
-Deploying the dog from your vehicle, and recalling the dog back into your vehicle
-Deploying the dog while you are fighting the adversary, target discrimination

In this course of instruction, our staff will provide multiple decoys so our training tempo can stay high and also for providing multiple threat situations. All skill levels welcome, but how far we can go with each student will be determined by each K9 and handler teams abilities. Executing all the above drills perfectly by the end of the weekend is not a guaranteed, but we can lay the foundation for all of the above to be achieved! This is a small group seminar so we can provide maximum attention to each student enrolled.

Equipment needed:
-Prong collar
-Flat collar
-5-7ft lead
-15-30ft long lead (not a retractable one)
-Harness (optional)
-Muzzle (if you have one)
Clothing for the elements, we will be outside

Students will receive:
-Training certificate
-Full Spectrum Warrior vinyl patch
-Embroidered hat

Feb. 10 & 11, 2018

(address provided to registered attendees)

Training Investment:
Grand Opening Sale: $400 weekend (SAVE $225.00)
Grand Opening Sale: $225 Sat. only (SAVE $125.00)
Jan. 15th prices go to normal rate of: $625 weekend, and $350 Saturday only
Sit in tickets are: $50 each day

Lodging options:
To help you with logding I have 3 options for you to look into all in the neighboring town of DeLand.

If you want to be on the Saint Johns River, and have a scenic FL experience this is the place. This is also a little bit more pricey though. Hontoon Lodge

If you want to be close to down and just want the most cost effective option I would reccomend this: Comfort Inn

Lastly, somewhere in between the two: Hampton Inn

Please Note:
*All ticket sales are non-refundable
**Your dog is your responsibility and no one else's
***The instructor staff at anytime have the authority to make any students sit out of drill due to safety concerns for themselves and the other students and their dogs
****Training will be conducted by Multi-Purpose Canine, LLC a company licensed and insured in the state of FL